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Trading/ 交收

1/見面交收時間及地點: 星期一至星期五: 下午六時三十分 – 荔景站 及 下午六時四十五分- 太子站. (需要預先安排.)

Face Trading Time & Place: Mon to Fri: 6.30pm at Lai King MTR Station & 6.45pm at Prince Edward Station MTR Station. (pre arrangement)


2/ Postal Service: we use HK Post Office Service. If, customer requests the goods to send out by post who is needed to pay the actual postage fee. There is no additional service charge involved.

貨品郵寄: 我們是使用香港郵政局服務, 如你們要求貨品以郵寄寄出, 你們是需要付實際郵費的.